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Based in the heart of Tunis, Ramdam has been operating on the European and North African market for several years. In 2016, Ramdam decided to reposition itself as an offshore communications group dedicated to the North American and European markets.
The opportunity for our customers? Sourcing services (communication, design, digital, …) in line with the highest quality standards in the region while benefiting from hyper-competitive pricing.
4 entities allow us to create incredible synergies and to develop innovative concepts on a daily basis :
The Ramdam Advertising branch offers a wide range of services for brands that aim to communicate effectively in hyper-competitive environments.
The Ramdam Digital branch delivers creative digital solutions and supports customers in transforming their business model.
The role of Ramdam Publishing is to create and develop original media concepts and digital platforms with high growth potential.
Ramdam Technologies is our Research & Development branch launched in 2017 and focusing on the development of concepts and new digital technologies.

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