An isometric design to help a Swiss fintech grow

AgFlow is a market intelligence platform for the physical grain, oilseed and seafood markets.

Through a global network of more than 100 brokerage firms and multiple information partners, AgFlow provides the industry with unprecedented access to market data through an elegant and powerful application.

Headquartered in Geneva, at the heart of the international commodity trading hub, AgFlow maintains extensive relationships with industry players and is supported by the Swiss government’s “Committee for Technology and Innovation”. The startup currently offers its services to more than 140 companies in the sector worldwide.

We have partnered with Agflow to help the brand position itself in the market and develop its institutional relationships, in particular by supporting the fundraising efforts with the precise and careful design of the startup’s pitch decks.

With Ramdam, we always push the limits of what is possible in terms of brand building. The agency supports our growth and does not hesitate to suggest great ideas that are often relevant and consistent with the standards of the global fintech industry.

Nabil – CEO Agflow