Working on a visual identity from a hand-drawn monkey.

Angry Monkeys is a bold new street-wear brand for creative people and art fans.

When the founder of the brand came to us, he wanted to launch a cool and aggressive brand. After more than a hundred proposals, the brand’s mascot was ready: It was a very angry monkey, immediately recognizable.

Following this exercise, the brand name was also ready: Angry Monkeys.

A few dozen days of work later, the entire brand book was created and the brand was ready for its launch on the Swiss market.

With Ramdam, I simply realized that I could rely on the creative potential of an outstanding team to push my thinking beyond the limits I had set myself. This agency takes your ideas, absorbs them and returns them to you in an even more sublime, efficient and powerful way. I cannot estimate the value of their work for my brand.

Edouard – Founder Angry Monkeys